The GCHS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, volunteer organization whose primary mission is to reduce the number of unwanted animals through promoting spaying and neutering by providing financial assistance to residents. We are the only organization that responds to hundreds of animal neglect calls each year.

Though we are not an animal shelter, we do provide supportive services to the County Animal Shelter such as:

We are always looking for volunteers, so please contact us if you would like to help!


In 1983 Bernadine Friend, then a K teacher, saw the need for a group that would help animals. While teaching, Mrs. Friend was constantly approached by her students and requests for help. Most of the time, it was a child asking her to take kittens or puppies they had found, for fear they would be discarded at home. Because of this, she saw a need to form a group in the area. She and several friends collected donations, began to promote a spay/neuter program, and started to help the neglected/ homeless animals in our County. Since that time, thousands of animals have been helped and new animal laws have been either formed or improved. Bernadine now serves as our Executive Director.