Animal neglect
Animal neglect
Horse rescue


Our Animal Control Officer recieved an anonymous tip about some horses being kept in a secluded field in need of help. An older, black horse was severly underweight, had some minor injuries, and maggots. A second horse, a young Paint, had severe injury to its front leg and hoof. We removed the horses to a safe location where they received medical care, food, water, and shelter. When the property owner was contacted, he denied ownership. We covered the cost of: the Vet on-site, the removal of the horses with a truck-trailer, their medical care, and daily feeding/medication. They were recently rehomed.

This is one of many calls we receive and respond to involving horses or livestock.

Neglect Calls

The ACO receives and responds to over 300 animal neglect calls each year. She uses her own vehicle to travel to the locations and investigates each report personally. Most cases can be handled easily, but others result in seizing the animals and then prosecuting the owner. Calls have included cats, dogs, horses, and rabbits without food, water, and/or shelter. Others are in need of immediate veterinary care.

We have had several cases involving hoarders - someone with alot of animals that aren't receiving adequate care. One example is a dog was found running loose with a huge wound on its side. We took it to the veterinary hospital to have it taken care of, and it was later adopted into a good home. Some photos are just to gruesome to show, but are equally as bad as any case you have seen on TVs Animal Planet.

In 2010, we were the lead investigators in a huge large animal seizure that was the 2nd largest case of its kind in the State. Horse neglect calls comprises a large part of our cases.

Days End Farm Horse Rescue

On May 13, 2010, the GCHS required assistance from Days End Farm Horse Rescue with impounding 26 horses, 18 cows, and more than 5 goats from a farm within their county. The animals were in various states of emaciation and it was clear from the burned and buried carcasses throughout the fields that many horses had lost their lives on this Garrett County farm.

More information about this rescue is available online at The Washington Post.